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Elektrické podstropné konvektory

podstropný konvektor
Cena: 59,00 €

podstropný konvektor
Cena: 89,00 €
PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heating element is made by special metalized ceramic material (based on barium titanate) and it has self limiting temperature characteristics.
The Ceramic heating element has two heating principles , working simultaneously: Powerful infra-red heat distribution and convection. Because of the infra-red heat distribution, the appliance warms up the surrounding walls , objects and furniture, which on their part  warm up the interior of the premises. These appliances are economical because of the temperature characteristics of the ceramic material, which allow variation in the strength of the material when the environment temperature changes and in this way the amount of electric current which passes through the material with the purpose of maintaining the temperature set in advance, varies. 
ModelPre miestnosť do m3Pre miestnosť s m2
36* - 42** m315* - 18** m2
36* - 42** m3
15* - 18** m2
* -λ=0.5W/(m2K) h=2.5m
**-λ=0.35W/(m2K) h=2.5m

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